The dressing of the bride

“The silence of Marcel Duchamp is being overrated,” notes Joseph Beuys.

Mariella Bettineschi would certainly approve this statement and go even further: “the bride laid bare by her suitors” is dressed.

The artist calls his exhibition of Heidelberg “The dressing of the bride” and draws attention to related words related to this concept: it is not just about the dress, even if the dress in the literal sense has acquired an important meaning in a certain phase of the artist’s work, but of the investiture, of the dressing in the sense of being assumed, by a person, in his rights, of the conferral of the position that belongs to it.

The dressing of the bride, Hans Gercke, 1998

The dressing of the bride, 1999
airbrush on plexiglas, 250 x 150 x 2 cm

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